Thursday, November 23, 2006

It's All In The Settings

Inkjet printers do a great job on text printing but many people do not know that you don't need a photo printer to make great photo printouts.

If you try using regular photocopy paper using the printers general settings you will be very disappointed with the results.

Most inkjet printers on the market today have a mode for printing on photo glossy paper. If you use good quality photo glossy paper (the heavier the stock the better the print) you can get a picture perfect print.

A good quality digital camera helps too. The higher the resolution on your camera the better the print.

Get some good quality glossy paper and try this out. Make a print on regular paper using general settings. Then make one with your printer set to glossy paper using high quality mode and compare. The first will look like a watercolored newspaper picture. The second will look like you just got it back from the Kodak shop!

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