Monday, November 27, 2006

How To Transfer Photos From Your Digital Camera

There are too many cameras and computers out there to write a specific tutorial for each, so here's a generic guide that should cover your typical situation.

1. All digital cameras come with photo editing software. Put the installation CD in the CD drive. Select install. When it's done installing select finish.

2. All cameras also come with a cable to connect your computer to your camera. Look at the manual to see how it's connected.

3. Once you plug the camera and the computer to each other, the camera's software usually pops up on the screen. It usually says something like transfer all, select and transfer, or cancel. Select one. If that doesn't work, go to the Start Menu on your desktop and select Programs. Then select your camera software and open it.

Your photos should transfer to the my pictures folder inside the my documents folder on your desktop for PC.

Falling short of that the alternative is that when you plug in your digital camera into the computer it will Auto Run. And it will pop up a prompt (if you're using Windows XP). It'll give you a few options. Choose "Open Folder To View Files".

Once the folder is open you can select the folder that the photos are in or the files themselves and drag them into a folder of your choice on your hard drive.

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