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Digital Cameras FAQs

What are SLR digital cameras?

SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex which is a camera in which the user sees exactly what the camera sees through a series of prisms and mirrors. Interchange of lenses is possible that is a great feature for photographers. These offer high resolution but do have significantly high cost.

What is lens aperture?

Lens aperture is the ratio of the focal length of the lens to the diameter of the light rays passing through the aperture in the iris diaphragm. F-number settings are adjustable. Lens aperture is also called f-number.

Is any convenience using Digital SLR Camera than any other camera?

Yes, there are lots of advantages of using Digital SLR Camera, as follows:
  • Easy to carry around at all times
  • Higher degree of automation
  • WYSIWYG capability ('What You See Is What You Get')
  • Wide selection of lenses available
Is there any difference between optical and digital zoom?

There is a zoom lens in optical zoom as it would be in a traditional camera. If you want a picture that is three times closer than the basic image, try out camera with an optical zoom of 3X.

Digital zoom is a digital technology that takes a real optical image, and then "zooms" it. Blowing up each pixel does this and also interpolation is used for the same. Digital zoom mostly results in an instant decrease in an image's clarity and sharpness.

Is interchanging of lens possible in between the roll?

Yes, you can easily switch between lenses in the middle of a roll without exposing the film. The use of interchangeable lenses is made possible by positioning the shutter directly in front of the film, rather than including it with the lens.

Is it advisable to do filtering when it comes to motion stuff?

It is best NOT to use a filter if it is not absolutely necessary for example to polarize for shooting flat work. This is because of the reflectiveness of the imaging sensor.

How has the Parallax Error been eliminated in Digital SLR Cameras?

Parallax is the phenomenon by which the shorter the distance between the subject and the camera, the greater the angular error in the actual and the perceived image. In most SLR cameras, settings can be controlled manually, which allows an individual to get a good shot in fast action with an unusual focal plane. But some digital SLR cameras do have automatic focus.

What all features are there in a Digital SLR Camera?

Various features that you will find in digital SLR Camera are as follows:
  • Lens Interchangeability
  • Reflex mirror
  • Auto focus
  • High resolution
  • Availability of Lens and Sensors
  • Exposure Compensation
How are digital cameras better than film cameras?

Digital Cameras definitely have upper hand than film cameras with following added advantages:
  • No need to visit a lab for printing or development. Ability to print pictures from your computer.
  • Preview your pictures instantly.
  • No expensive film to buy and develop.
  • Higher resolution on some cameras, which allows for higher quality images.
Are there any drawbacks of high-resolution images?

Higher resolution images will take longer to upload to a server. This is because higher resolution images take up more space in the memory.

How to conserve battery power on a digital camera?

Following methods are useful in conserving the battery for your digital camera:
  • When you are not using the camera, turn it off.
  • Prefer using regular viewfinder.
How to load pictures on your computer?

In order to load pictures on to your computer, use card reader and memory card. If you feel like, load the memory card into the card reader. Then digital media starts appearing as another drive on the computer. Click open the drive and the pictures can be viewed by simply double clicking the file.

What are leading digital cameras available in the market?

You have a choice to purchase any from various names mentioned below that will help you to cherish memorable moments forever.
  • Canon Digital Camera
  • Fuji Digital Cameras
  • Minolta Digital Cameras
  • Nikon Digital Camera
  • Olympus Digital Cameras

Are there any differences between the expensive and the inexpensive digital cameras available in the market?

You do not need to purchase an expensive digital camera, if you are new to digital photography. But even if you do have, expensive camera does not always give guarantee of a good shot. The thing important is to know the basics of photography.

What features are essential in a Digital Camera?

A viewfinder is a must when most of the pictures are to be taken outdoors. This is because sunlight can make the LCD screen look washed out. Also check out the optical zoom if you plan to shoot faraway objects.

Is there any method to overcome shutter delay?

Shutter delay is the time between when the shutter release is pressed and when the image is actually captured. Shutter delay is really irritating when it is time to take action shots or even portraits. Overcoming shutter delay is possible by setting our camera to continuous mode.

How easy is the digital camera to use?

Check out the layout of the digital camera's buttons and how convenient they are to access. An individual always want the controls to match the size of his hands.

by Martin Wirtschafter

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