Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Advantages Of Digital SLR Cameras

Digital photography means a method of photography in which an image is digitally encoded and stored for later reproduction and printing them on digital devices.

A digital SLR camera provides the following benefits over point-and-shoot compact digital camera:
  • Superior image quality with same lenses
  • Accurate, large and bright viewfinder
  • Faster operating speed
  • Interchangeable lenses
Digital SLR cameras (single lens reflex) use removable/interchangeable lenses and can be manually controlled. An electronic chip called a sensor takes the place of film to record the image. The sensors are made up of tiny pixels that change light and color into electronic computer code by means of analog/digital processing and conversion. The digital SLR cameras containing larger sensors produces a better image than pocket camera with the same resolution. Also larger sensors are less sensitive to stray electrical signals. This means a smaller sized sensor produces more noise. This can be visible as small variations in color and tone of image.

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